Unfortunately, our chapters do occasionally have jerks, but they don’t have to be reflective of the entire group. I always look at what my older friends wore to their sorority rush and build around their outfits. Sororities don’t generally like chapters made up of guys who are crude, sexist, or just plain jerk-offs, or who are just plain disgusting. Joining Greek life is not for everyone. We had to do things like separate sequins by color while repeating a sorority chant, but nothing mean or harmful. Or do people join sororities for cheaper food/rent.etc? What do you do? Sororities are typically national organizations that have local chapters located on college campuses around the nation. Picking everything thirty minutes before rush is supposed to start can be disastrous, especially if you find out you don’t have everything you need. There are ten fraternities and eight sororities at UBC, with thousands of students taking part in UBC’s Greek life. Perhaps one of the better kept secrets about Greek life is all the good that fraternities and sororities do. What do sororities even do? Most sororities fall under the umbrella of the National Panhellenic Conference, a congress of 26 national and international sororities. Not my thing! The most important thing you can do before sorority rush is planning your outfits! Your boyfriend asks you to go with him to dinner (to a place you don't like), but your sorority sisters are having a party the same night. Involvement in philanthropic activities varies from one organization to the next, and even from one chapter to the next. Do they just get together as some sort of club? Frats throw all the parties; what even is the point of sororities? Members pay dues and may spend a significant amount of time on their organization. (Hello, House Bunny! )But all too often, crazy hazing techniques aren't confined to the … Sorority recruitment has long been used as hilarious fodder for movies. At least I have my sorority with me. How Do Sororities Work And What Do They Do? Make the best out of a bad situation and do funs things after as a reward. Plus of course, I looked at Pinterest for ideas! Have fun doing it! Sororities not only have on-campus reputations, but national reputations, so simply asking around school won't cut it. This makes up a small portion of the overall population of the university, but it is also the largest Greek system in Canada. Many work hard to instill a culture of service and philanthropy.