Usually 8 - 10 CPEs. Webcasts awards CPE credit in increments of 0, 1, 1.5 or 2 (i.e., an accumulated viewing time of less than 50 minutes will qualify for 0 CPE credits, rather than 0.5 credit). SANS Webcast. Congratulations! Each webcast qualifies for 1.0 CPE credit.

CPEs: (ISC)² explaining how the CPE’s work * Free CPE’s: * (ISC)² – 500+ CPE’s available (Webinar). Q1 2020, March 18, 24 and April 2, 2020 (1.5 credits in the field of Accounting)

Refund Policy. You may earn 1 CPE per completed activity hour, or a maximum of 6 CPEs per full day.

If you go to, set up a free account, and then (once logged in) go to the 'Resources' tab and select 'Webcasts', you can access both current and archived webcasts. Depending on the topic, group A or group B CPEs may be earned.

$0 - $180. All SANS webcasts are recorded. Annual CERIAS Information Security Symposium. I recommend going to the Archived webcasts where you will find 4 years worth of security-related webcasts you can choose from. Required Supporting Documentation: SANS/GIAC Community: SANS Webcasts: Certificate of Completion; GIAC Exam Development: JTAs - Provide name of the JTA you participated in and the date completed.

Listen to Security Related Podcasts 1 CPE per hour. Did you miss one of our webcasts? Browse our library of on-demand webcasts to earn CPE credit and learn more about the latest developments in valuation, financial reporting and taxation anytime, anywhere. Good Value. Do you need Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit? An opportunity to obtain CPE credits, learn about a range of technical topics, and connect with other professionals in your industry. One hour of CPE credit from SANS is earned with each webcast. #3 Deloitte. Please join us in the upcoming weeks for the following informative, free SANS webcasts. Upcoming webcast and in-person CPE events. CFOdirect – contains both webcasts as well as on-demand CPE programs (focused on CFO related topics) Learn more about PwC’s continuing professional education on their website. Usually 1 CPE per webcast. * SANS – 500+ CPE’s available (Webinar). CPE Webcasts On Demand. CPE credit is not available for viewing the following Archived webcasts. The CPE on Demand: All Access collection provides timely, valuable insights for GRC, audit, and security and cybersecurity professionals and enables you to learn on your schedule while earning up to 25 ISACA CPEs.

See the link for information and mailing list details. Partial CPE credit will not be awarded for multicredit CPE events.

Qualifying for, and studying for an InfoSec exam is not an easy task, and you should be proud of your accomplishment.

Q&A is eligible for CPE when included on the timed agenda. Important: Your “accumulated viewing time” must occur during the live webcast. Deloitte has generated a very useful landing page with a long list of webinars that are potentially eligible for free CPE credits. If you are unable to attend the Live webcast, you can view in archives at any time after the webcast date. There is no cost for this course; therefore, there is … Archived webcasts (no CPE) Replays of past webcasts to learn what you need to know about new standards, resources and actions needed for implementation.

1 CPE per month.

You have earned your certification! The following PwC quarterly accounting webcasts can be taken as on-demand CPE-eligible programs (provided you did not receive CPE for the live version). But once the glow of accomplishment has worn off and you have framed your certificate, there is the nagging problem of earning the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to remain in good standing in your …

CPE Events.

Individuals who log off during Q&A will not receive CPE if they attended less than 50 minutes of a 1.0 CPE-credit event.