D'you remember the 80s teens TV show 'Grange Hill'. Star Sign. in 1993. Did You Know Trivia. The first day at Grange Hill for class N1 - Fay, Annette, Zammo, Jonah, Gripper and Roland. LS: I’m not so sure about that although people I spoke to over the years did like the synergy between Lee, Erkan and I plus our year did have some classic story lines. Personal Details Born. Zammo and Jonah are doing a project of measurement using the computer - which contains the aspect of gambling. 11 Jonah Jones may have appeared in only two series of "Grange Hill" but fans of the programme warmed to the cheeky chappie and remember him fondly. Apr 18, 2015 - Explore barker1239's board "Grange hill" on Pinterest. Gripper's bullying of Jonah and Zammo is short-lived - relieved by the appearance of Tucker and Alan. ... Jonah … From Quiz: "Grange Hill" Nicknames (click to play it). Gripper makes Roland's first day a misery. Well this is to test you to see how fantastic your knowledge is of Grange Hill. Pisces. With George Armstrong, Timothy Bateson, Alison Bettles, Brian Capron. See more ideas about Childrens tv, Kids tv, Childhood memories. Open Day is approaching at Grange Hill and the pupils have to create a project. What did his mother christen him?

February 20, 1969 London, England, UK. If you've never heard of it, I wouldn't recommend taking this quiz. Zammo and Jonah liven up things with some stink bombs. He made is first appearance in episode 1 of series 1 and made his final appearance in episode 16 of series 5. Lives in Australia with his wife and daughter. Quiz on Grange Hill. Grange Hill Jonah Jones (1982-1983) Behind the Bike Sheds Chas (1985) Question by author Sutti. Roly gets off to a bad start on his first day, encountering Gripper Stebson. The fifth series of the British television drama series Grange Hill began broadcasting on 5 January 1982, before ending on 5 March 1982 on BBC One.The series follows the lives of the staff and pupils of the eponymous school, an inner-city London comprehensive school.It consists of eighteen episodes. So how good is your knowledge of Grange Hill ? Why do you think this is? Tucker made guest appearances in episode 1 of series 26 and episode 20 of series 31. Grange Hill is back in the front of people's minds following the loss of one of its most famous alumni, Benny Green actor . Read More Related Articles. GH: Even though he was only there for 2 years, Jonah remains one of the most popular characters in Grange Hill. Directed by Diarmuid Lawrence. Grange Hill Jonah Jones (1982-1983) Actor Thomas and Sarah Melchoir Evans (1979) All Filmography. After he left Grange Hill in 1987, he appeared on Blackadder’s Christmas Carol in 1988 and seven episodes of Chef! Terry Sue-Patt: Tragic Grange Hill … Tucker is the son of Mrs Jenkins and the uncle of Togger, Tigger and Lucy Johnson. MacDonald’s route to Grange Hill has a sad story behind it: as a child, he’d been badly affected by the death of his older sister, Karen, who had been disabled since birth. Gripper wanted to make wooden guns for his project, but instead he's asked to carve something. Peter "Tucker" Jenkins was a student at Grange Hill during 1978 to 1982, played by Todd Carty. Jonah's stink bomb causes an unexpectedly early end to Miss Mooney's class. You will find out in a few minuites.