In this Emmy Award-winning film, author Alvin Townley and former POWs tell the extraordinary story of how future U.S. Jeremiah Denton : biography July 15, 1924 – Jeremiah Andrew Denton Jr. (born July 15, 1924) is a retired United States Navy Rear Admiral and a former United States Senator from the state of Alabama. Former Alabama Sen. Jeremiah A. Denton Jr., a prisoner of war for more than seven years in North Vietnam, died on Friday in Virginia Beach. ... Denton, Jeremiah A; Brandt, Ed. Invalson's story is one of 10 portrayed in "Prisoners of Hope," a new television documentary produced by the North American Mission Board's … Jeremiah A. Denton Jr., a retired Navy rear admiral and former U.S. senator who survived nearly eight years of captivity in North Vietnamese prisons, and whose public acts of defiance and patriotism came to embody the sacrifices of American POWs in Vietnam, died March 28 at a hospice in Virginia Beach. ISBN 978-0-88349-112-6 ISBN 978-093528000-5; Lenzi, Iola (2004). St. Martin's Press. Senator Jeremiah Denton endured nearly eight years of captivity inside the prisons of North Vietnam. He spent almost eight years as a Prisoner of War (POW) in … Mr. Denton was 89 years old.. His son, Jim Denton… Singapore: Archipelago Press. pp. When I first met Jeremiah Denton, I greeted him as "Senator Denton." I'll always be an admiral." When Hell Was In Session. And he was. ISBN 981-4068-96-9. "Alvin," he replied gently, "I was a senator. A Code to Keep: The true story of America's longest held civilian prisoner of war in Vietnam. 200 pages. During his incarceration, Denton lead hundreds of POWs in defiance of the communist North Vietnamese Camp Authority. Readers Digest Press, distributed by Crowell, 1976. He was 89. Museums of Southeast Asia. Jeremiah Denton, the downed Navy pilot who was paraded before television cameras by the Viet Cong and confirmed U.S. suspicions of prisoner maltreatment during … The cause was complications from a heart ailment, said his son Jim Denton.