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Ahora puedes descargar la ROM PSX del videojuego Gekioh – Shooting King desde la sección de descarga. SuperLite 1500 Series: The Tetris. Gekioh Shooting King; Also known as: Gekiou ~Shienryu~ (JP) Developer: Warashi Publishers: Warashi (JP) Hamster (JP, Major Wave) Natsume (US) Platform: PlayStation Released in JP: May 20, 1999, February 20, 2003 (Major Wave) Released in US: December 17, 2002 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro-(60709) added Gekioh: Shooting King (PlayStation) on May 26, 2009 Other platforms contributed by Charly2.0 (244683) and GTramp (64865) Credits (20 people) Digimon World 2. Gekioh - Shooting King [SLUS-01498] ISO is available in the USA version on this website. Gekioh: Shooting King. Formation Soccer ’97: The Road to France. Recommended: VR Golf ’97. $24.99 Store Pickup Available Tradeable Buy Now. Simplemente selecciona el archivo Gekioh – Shooting King. Pre-Owned Gaming Guarantee. Description: Gekioh: Shooting King is a Shoot 'Em Up video game published by Natsume, Warashi released on December 1, 2002 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX). If the rather generic (though generally appropriate) game music was getting on your nerves, switch to the new mode to hear a laugh track and silly music as the on-screen jet fights the good fight against alien scum. Danger Girl.

Comenzará el juego! 4. Gekioh is an enhanced port of Shienryu. 5. Gekioh: Shooting King (PlayStation) review by Jason Venter. Download Gekioh - Shooting King (USA) 412M. Guaranteed to work. 3. May not include original box or manual. Wolkenkratzer – Shinpan no Tou. This release adds the following game modes: Pocket Mode: imitates PocketStation graphics, with deliberately primitive visuals consisting of heart-shaped enemies and blocky ships. Pictured item may not represent condition received.


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It’s definitely humorous, and it’s only one of the options. All download links for Gekioh: Shooting King. Kamen Rider. Alternate Versions While an English-translated release has been available since 2002 under the title "Gekioh Shooting King" from Natsume, the original untranslated Japanese version was released in America as "Arcade Hits: Shienryu" and distributed by MonkeyPaw Games. For Gekioh: Shooting King on the PlayStation, GameFAQs hosts user-submitted screenshots. Pre-Owned. Comical Mode: music and sound effects are replaced by laughter and applause (when the player reaches a high score). Gekioh: Shooting King features three main levels of difficulty: Geki Mode (normal fire rate), Easy Mode (enemies have half the rate of normal fire and collisions aren't always fatal), and Hard Mode (double firing rate and stacked odds).