Social Links are an important aspect to Persona 4 Golden when it comes to both story and battle. Contents[show] Appearances Persona 4: Supporting Character; Justice Social Link Persona 4 Manga: Supporting Character; Justice Arcana Persona 4 … Adachi is a new and surprising social link in Persona 4 Golden, and he’s worth your time over Marie, who turns out to be more generic than endearing. Likewise, the Social Link allows Yu and Dojima to bond far more than they do in the main plot, which naturally gives their tense moments all the more meaning. 1. Continuing Adachi’s Social Link (Jester) in Persona 4 Golden.
The Hierophant Arcana is given a bonus from the Ryotaro Dojima Social Link. He is only available at night, and can be found in your house. The Star Social Link: Teddie. Tohru Adachi – Jester. Guide social link, Hierophant's Arcana : Dojima. The social link for Dojima. Persona 4: Dancing All Night: Supporting Character Social Links are essential to building relationships in Persona 4 Golden. Nanako Dojima is a character from Persona 4. Persona 4 Golden is half a JRPG and a life-simulator.Players will spend the majority of their time balancing their social life … What exactly are all of the social link perks in Persona 4 Golden?

He has no set schedule, but gets more off days if you have cleared the current dungeon.

This guide will explain how they work and the purpose of seeking them out. One of the social qualities in this game, apart from Courage and Knowledge, is Diligence.
You can do this by upgrading the social qualities that your character possesses. Dojima 's Social Link is only available at night time. Persona 4 Visualive / the Evolution 2. Be sure to check out our Persona 4 Golden Social Link conversation choices guide for full instructions on advancing every s-link in the game. How to max each social link in Persona 4 Golden. There is a point where thier S. Links will stop being available, so make sure you get them done.

Persona 4 Manga 2. Persona 4 The Magician 3. ... For S. Links I recommend, make sure to do Dojima and Nanako, they should be easy as they are only available at night, when the other S. Links are not. When this S.L is maxed out the player gains an Ultimate Persona and Teddie's Persona transforms into Kamui. This is activated by talking to him when he is available at Dojima Residence ... Persona 4 Golden Wiki Guide. Persona 4 Arena (Manga): Supporting Character 2. She is the daughter of Ryotaro Dojima, and the protagonist's cousin. Can this social link even have a best-case scenario? However his appearance is determine by the current dungeon. Ryotaro Dojima S-Link Guide - Hierophant Persona 4 Arena / Ultimax: Supporting Character 1. Persona 4 / Golden: Supporting Character; Hierophant Social Link 1. Since Persona 4 Golden is a JRPG, of course, there will be the option to level up your character. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (Manga): Supporting Character 3. P4. Dojima’s Social Link isn’t important to the greater plot, but it reconciles his regrets over the death of his wife. Description: Starting from June 24th, the Star Social Link is automatically activated and powers up as the story progresses. If its finished, Dojima gets his days off and you can spend time with him. RELATED: Persona 3 vs Persona 4: Which One Is Better. Persona 4 The Animation / Persona 4 The Golden Animation 4. For Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita, Max Social Link Guide by yangxu.

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This S.L is only able to be 100% completed if the player is able to get the Good or True Ending.